Character Of My Art Work



 - Awakening Of Conversation And Sentiment -

   It might be an already generalized method to introuduce or copy on  orchid  with a    neatly  arranged touch (lime) and a well-composed Maehwa on a screen.

   Nevertheless,  the artist is  bold enough to introduce the traditional  way reminiscent of    some ready-made image  while  standing criticized for a soca-lled  lack of creativity.

   Although he is revealing his transformed  subjec-tivity in  some parts of his picture. He    is  still using (=adapting) the same old fundamental method without any correction.

   If  we regard  this method as something only  for ornamental  purpose  and down-play    it,  we might fail to grasp what the artist intends to say with it.

   As mentioned above,the artist has dealt  with various themes  ranging from realistically    general ones such as a modern  city, or city-dwellers in it to profound  and    psychological  ones like senses of  incompetence, insecurity,  and stress.

   The artist have diagnosed and defined the society  as this,  and he might  have put up    with  his own solution of his own to the problem.

   That is, he is  putting  forward  time-honored  tradition  as an  alternative  to  chaos  of    ideology, or  uncertain future.

   Of course,  tradition or past, whatever  you call it, is not a serious one  whose    foundation  is laid on a thorough  recognition of history.

   He seems  to  be  satisfied to  adapt  the  symbolism  of a thing  and its literal lyricism    to  his own art of work. He is just satisfied with  his rule as  an alter-native presenter.


By Kim,Sang-Cheul ( Directer of Kong-Pyung Art Center )

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