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Introduction Of My Art Work   [Relation of Life]


 1. Proposition
Sang-saeng, or compatibility is contrary terms to Sang-geuk, or incompatibility, which means“water are produced from metal, trees from water, fire from trees, earth from fire, and metal from earth again.”in the principles of the positive and negative and the Five Elements. And here I made it a proposition, adding a meaning of conversation which coexists each other and lives together, and ultimately pursuing the sense of admiration for life.

2. Contents
 The primary feature of my work is to juxtapose the things with different properties - flowers and trees, rocks, killifish, chairs, hats, and so on. In a broad sense, it means coexistence and community life between an organism and an inorganic matter. And in more limited sense, it expresses the meaning of conversation between the things with different properties. For example, you can see the fish that are exercising to look for flowers and rocks in my pictures.
 In our lives, I think it is the source of a life to share our feeling of each other's love. Sharing the feeling about our lives may have the image of conversation based on truth.

3. Techniques
 In my works, I usually use Korean paper or cotton cloth as a medium of expression with mixed materials such as watercolors, powder painting, earth powder, acryl and collage, and so on. And they expresses the image of the objects by using mixed materials, based on abstract space constitution dividing colored-space by pale ink and color painting.

                                             Write by Kim,Seung-Geun




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